As my first experience traveling with CoC, the May trip was both fun and refreshing. As we visited each city, I got an opportunity to experience many new foods, sights, people and memories. We ate delicious pork ribs at St. Louis, cheese curds in Madison, and I definitely can’t forget the time when the brothers and I took a bite of Chicago’s Pizza Pot Pies after a long day of walking and sightseeing. During our visit in Champaign, we toured around the campus with the believers there and even had a bowling night. Even though I performed dead last to my chagrin, I had fun knowing that I was with these awesome people. In Madison, I remember eating frozen custard on a campus pier situated near a lake with everyone and some of the students there. I was really impressed by the beautiful scenery and somewhat envious that the students can experience this type of environment every day. In fact, we even went kayaking on the same lake which was also a fun time for me. And let’s not forget the long naps that were taken during the car rides to each locality, no offense to the drivers.

Aside from all the entertaining moments that were had, I mentioned that the trip was also refreshing. I say this mainly in a spiritual sense. Wherever we went, every day there was time to exercise our spirit. In the car, we would read a portion from specific Scriptures and at the localities. We also attended prayer meetings and at the hospitalities, we shared testimonies with our hosts. I was deeply impressed with how strong the Body is when it is united. No matter where we were from, how old we were, or what our background was, we were gathered there just to enjoy God. In a sense, this kind of environment made me feel at home; it was refreshing, peaceful, and comfortable.

I can definitely say that CoC is a club that is not just friendly, but I also consider them a part of my family. One thing that I appreciated about the club is that the members are always willing to make time for each other. Small meetups, whether it’s to sit down and read the Bible or grabbing a drink, I believe is an excellent way that forges the bond between members. Although my time with CoC in general was not daily, I always made an effort to participate in the Thursday night home meetings. Not only did I learn the different kinds of food people ate for dinner at each home, but I also enjoyed listening to each testimony that the hosts presented. Even though each testimony was different, they all connected to God as the source, which encouraged me to continue to build my faith because the reason that they are here today can only be due to the Lord’s provision and guidance. Overall, I believe that my college career would probably have been a different experience if not for CoC. I can’t thank the club enough for being there to support and encourage me to live what it means to live the Christian life.