UTA Christians on Campus


The bible


The Word of god

As Christians, our solid foundation is the Bible. Our club aims to finish the New Testament every school year, simply by reading one chapter of every day! We warmly invite you to read with us. If you would like the daily chapter emailed to you, click the "Schedule" link above and search: "UTA COC Fall 2018."


"I read the entire New testament from Matthew to Revelation for the first time with UTA Christians on Campus!"




god's full salvation


Bible study

What is God’s Full Salvation? Join us every Wednesday from 12-1pm upstairs at the University Center and discover the purpose of God's full salvation and how it affects our Christian life today.

Stay updated by checking our announcements on Twitter every week.


Can't make it on wednesdays?

Feel free to contact us to set up a one-on-one appointment, or join an existing group Bible study (like our Spanish-speaking Bible study). 



house to house


Dinner & fellowship

Come every Thursday and enjoy a home-cooked meal, singing, and testimonies from alumni about their experience of the Lord in their life. It will be from 6:30pm - 8:30pm in various homes every week.

Join our e-mailing list to find out each Thursday night location. 


"Hearing so many amazing testimonies from other believers really helped to solidify my own belief and faith in the Lord."




Campus connect

campus connect.jpeg

metroplex outing

Every semester we get together with the sister clubs from the DFW metroplex for a day outing of fellowship and enjoying the Lord together! We will continue in our study of the book of Exodus. 

Click the link above to sign-up!


"In Christ alone my hope is found / He is my light, my strength, my song / This cornerstone, this solid ground, / Firm through the fiercest drought and storm."



11.02.18 - 11.04.18

weekend retreat


College conference

Every semester the club sets aside one weekend absolutely for Christ! College students throughout the South Central U.S. travel to Latham Springs Camp in Aquilla, TX for a weekend retreat.

Get away from the world and dive into the Bible, praise the name of Jesus, and be built together in the Lord with hundreds of other college students. 

Click the link above to sign-up!


"Hundreds of college students all in one room praising God and growing together in Him--it was a marvelous experience to say the least, highly recommend!!"




Weekend campus trip

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Club visitation

Every semester the club spends a weekend visiting other sister clubs in varying cities and enjoy a sweet time of fellowship with them. The dates and destinations have yet to be decided. 

Join our e-mailing list to find out when and where the trips will be.





Club Trip


may trip

Once a year the club will spend a little over a week traveling outside of the great state of Texas to visit sister clubs all over the nation and the world. The dates and destinations for May 2019 have yet to be decided.

Join our e-mailing list to find out when and where the trips will be.